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Topper - Henrietta Sells The House

Published 1953

Rare original network print of a Topper episode. Contains original sponsor opening and closing credits and original commercials.

Audio/Visual sound, color
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Reviewer: fcali5 - - February 7, 2014
Subject: Public domain question?
Is this series Public domain? I don't see it on any PD lists? Thanks
Reviewer: The Bridge - - December 2, 2010
Subject: One of my favorites
Used to enjoy this on the tube all the time it was on the air. Can't quite pull up the Female ghost's real name (Anne Jefferies?) "The ghostest with the mostest." I got a kick out of Neil (Neal) the ghost dog. It was a good show, was sorry when it stopped. Job well done by all involved.
Reviewer: thundrmi - - September 10, 2010
Subject: Great old sitcom, more creative than 21st century
The premise may seem weak but compare it with reality TV and this is Emmy-worthy stuff! I remember it well from reruns during the day when I'd be home from schgool on vacation or a sick day. Opening does not look familiar...coulda sworn it had a different one with a theme song....
Reviewer: billbarstad - - March 7, 2010
Subject: Nostalgic
I fondly remember watching this as a kid. I didn't remember the alcoholic ghost dog. To me now it's just another crappy sitcom, rather like Bewitched. Still, it was nice to see an episode again. Thanks for making it available! IMDb has this as airing first on April 9, 1954.

I downloaded the 233MB MPEG4 file, which played perfectly using VLC. Video quality is fine. There's hiss in the audio, but it's otherwise fine.
Reviewer: The_Emperor_Of_Television - - March 7, 2010
Subject: Good Show
A Good quality upload of a good show. The commercials may be very dated now, but they are well-produced, a lot better than some other cigarette commercials I've seen. The show itself is first-rate TV, worth seeing.
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